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28 Aug 2019 /Industry 4.0

White Paper: Shaping the future of smart manufacturing with Predictive ERP

Manufacturing is getting smarter: Sensors, wireless technologies, and intelligent algorithms are transforming the way of today’s manufacturing. In this Digital Transformation, data is the key enabler for companies as it contains the knowledge to improve production processes and trains Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

However, despite all the benefits, most of the companies currently do not know how to process their data efficiently and are far away from extracting knowledge from it in order to improve their products and processes. This is mainly caused by various limitations such as issues when collecting data from heterogeneous sources, a lack of scalability in terms of storage and data management, and difficulties to link the physical and digital world.

This White Paper provides you with a brand-new approach and introduces the Enterprise Operations AI Platform Predictive ERP with which the complexity becomes manageable and the transformation to adopt Industry 4.0 paradigms is being accelerated.

Through the integration of the three major information layers – the Smart Factory, the Digital Thread, and the Value Chain Management, which form the foundation to orchestrate the company operations, the Predictive ERP serves as the heart and brain of the Industry 4.0:

The Predictive ERP intelligently controls and executes the PLM, MES, and ERP systems. To create a model of the company and to adapt to a dynamic environment, the Predictive ERP uses both, Parametric Simulation models, which are based on a PPR approach and Predictive Analytics models, based on Machine Learning. This allows Predictive ERP to respond intelligently to unexpected events, disruptive changes, and new operations.

Furthermore, the White Paper shows how the Predictive ERP can deal with volume, velocity, veracity, and variety in data, to generate added value.
Particularly, two elements are highlighted: firstly, how the cloud computing and AI services provided by Microsoft Azure will help to deal with data velocity, volume and veracity and secondly, how the Predictive ERP capabilities allow it to integrate data from different sources, which tackles the variety challenge in big data.

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