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Make your factory planning More transparent and profitable

The Predictive ERP app-suite modules at a glance

The Predictive ERP app-suite is a holistic system for the analysis, the planning,  and control of your processes and resources.
IMS creates consistency and process transparency. Achieve consistency and transparency in your processes and end-to-end supply chain.
process and end-to-end supply chain management. II Continious improvement for your manufacturing processes and E2E supply chain

of your processes and resources. offering the add-on for ERP Systems supports by various modules of the Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (IMS) the option of early consideration of production and logistics processes – and this at the time of product evolution. With the Predictive Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (Predictive ERP), you can calculate various scenarios in your production planning predictively and make well-founded decisions.

Plan your production and logistics processes with the help of our flexible software solutions – quickly and as needed.



The Process Designer app: Plan products, processes and resources


The app Designer offers fast methodical support in the various stages of planning such as, for example, in the product analysis, resource planning and simulation, as well as manufacturing documentation.

Set up a detailed and digital factory model for your production planning quickly and easily.
You can make plans as complex as you desire: shorter sub-processes, products with more variants, individual factories or complete supply chains.

Where to use:

  • Creating PPR Models  (Product - Prcoess-Resource-Models)
  • Creating process GANTT charts
  • Preparation of network plans
  • Determine throughput time, workload and costs,
  • Perform static line balancing to determine the minimum throughput time, the critical path and the demand 

The Simulator app: Simulate all aspects of your production in advance


Save time and costs through the simulation of your production and supply chain.
In the Simulator app, you can simulate, visualize, and validate all aspects of production in advance.

Check, analyze and optimize your production through focused optimization of individual production areas and lines, as well as through individual planning of the entire production sites and logistics systems, and Errors and bottlenecks are identified early and can be resolved quickly.

Where to use

  • Analysis and comparison of different production scenarios based on bottlenecks in material flow
  • Machine and worker utilization, maximum production rate, and buffer utilization
  • Breakdown of the simulation models according to responsibilities; separation in planning
  • perform an overall analysis or supply chain simulation, without having to create a new model.
  • KANBAN strategies, logistics times, and means of transport

The Control-Center app: Perform Advanced Planning & Scheduling and operational Line Balancing


In the Control-Center app of the Predictive ERP app-suite, perform Advanced Planning & Scheduling and operational Line Balancing in day-to-day planning.

Optimize your detailed planning by short-term simulations based on current order information and thereby react in flexible manner to fluctuations and enhance your resources.


Where to use:

  • Advanced Planning & Scheldung
  • Resource Optimization
  • Optimum resource utilization by automated process allocation
  • Line Balancing
  • Reporting for the shop floor and management
  • Operative control by feedback of the production in real-time
  • Fast response to disruptions with validated solutions, setting up a building block system for responding to recurrent disruptions and faults – Learning Factory


The Operator app: Efficient production control and fine planning on the shop floor


In the Operator app you can provide your production staff with process data, work plans, and documentation via tablets.

Your employees can provide status information and report malfunctions directly on the shop floor.
You increase the performance of your production by precise scheduling of the production processes, permanent transparency, and optimal capacity utilization.

Where to use:

  • Reporting for shop floor and management
  • Operational control through feedback from production in real-time
  • Fast response to disruptions with validated solutions

Visualize the logistics processes directly in the layout

IMS allows presentation of a simplified, scaled 3D-layout of your production plant. In the IMValidation (IMV) module you can generate a view of the logistic operations for this layout directly from a simulation and you will immediately receive the perfect overview of the flow of all relevant materials and movement of resources.

Goals: Early detection and elimination of heavily loaded working areas and bottlenecks in the layout and the structure of paths.

The Analyzer App: Check your production and weak points and analyze your value stream digitally


In the Analyzer app, all your data, key figures and information from the different apps of the Predictive ERP app-suite come together.
Analyze, compare and evaluate them and take action for the continuous improvement of your processes, production or supply chain.

Where to use:

Save time with predefined standard reports which show you at a glance where your production stands:

  • Incident and failure analysis
  • Customer value-added time (cVAT) reports  
  • Activity progress report  
  • Activity performance evaluation  
  • Resource performance evaluation 

In addition, customize reports as needed and share them via Office 365.



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The VSM 4.0 app: Easily perform digital value stream mapping and share the process with everyone involved online


The VSM 4.0 Value Stream Mapping app is a cloud-based software for value stream analysis and design.
As an independent app of the Predictive ERP app-suite, you can easily and conveniently integrate the value stream analysis software VSM 4.0 into your company.


When to use:

  • Map your processes and record your value stream digitally instead on brown-paper
  • Identify, visualize and document processes, material flows, disturbances etc
  • Access your value streams in real-time on the shop floor or on the road online
  • Collaborate with your team and all involved parties - from shop floor employees to management
  • Use the formula editor for calculations and simply read of automatically calculated KPI's

Learn more about VSM 4.0 here

Web-based, collaborative, flexible rental

Use the Predictive ERP app-suite and VSM 4.0 on the basis of the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle over the internet. This means you avoid all the costs and time you would otherwise have to invest in installation, introduction and servicing.

Rent a particular number of licences per month in line with your needs. These licences are not attached to a particular workplace, employee or a software module but instead can be used flexibly.

Our software offers flexible user and client management. That means you and multiple project partners can access the data online at the same time. Your data is stored on our servers in line with the most up-to-date security standards and can be accessed any time and from anywhere.