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Software for Planning, Simulating, Controlling, and Optimizing your processes and resources

Polaris IMS (Intelligent Management System) is intelligent software for Planning, Simulating, Controlling, and Optimizing your processes and resources. Polaris IMS is fully integrated with the ability to be customized to the basis of your data model and the option for real-time control and intelligent algorithms for early anticipation of challenges in production.

Save cost and achieve consistency and transparency within your organization and end-to-end supply chain. Plan your production processes and back up your strategic decisions with fast, accurate, and focused outputs with the help of our flexible software solutions Polaris IMS.

Polaris IMS contains the following modules: Designer, Simulator, Control Center, Operator, and Analyzer.



Perform advanced planning & scheduling to optimize resource utilization. Use Line Balancing in your daily planning to enhance the sequence via multi-criteria optimization. Control Center Construct your digital production by building the PPR model (Products, Processes, and Resources). Increase your understanding and transparency by creating a digital twin of your production. Designer Anticipate bottlenecks and compare different production scenarios to improve your value chain. Simulate your whole production in advance by generating network plans. Simulator Continuously improve your processes by analyzing the data and key figures from the other modules. Evaluate management-relevant data and save time with predefined reports. Analyzer Increase the performance of your production by integrating all the teams into the value creation process. Control your production efficiency through feedback from the shop floor in real-time. Operator Map and design your value stream easily. Collaborate with your team regardless of place, engage with the processes, calculate KPIs in real-time, and map your value stream digitally instead brown paper mapping. Polaris VSM With BSM you model your business processes collaboratively and independent of location. You represent your processes in a swimlane diagram. You compare calculated indicators with each other and enjoy full flexibility in process modeling. Polaris BSM




Designer of Polaris IMS

The Designer: Build your Digital Twin and Operating Model



The module Designer (IMD) offers fast and methodical support in the different planning stages, such as product analysis, process reviewing, resource studying along with process documentation, and digital twinning.

Set up a detailed and digital model for your production planning fast and efficiently with several levels of complexity that vary from short sub-processes to numerous products with more variants and from individual entities to complete supply chains.

Digital Twin

Digital Operating Model


Network Planning



Digital Twin

Build your digital operating model and have a full overview over your organization.

Gantt Chart & Network Plan

Understand the overview of the production process and calculate the lead time of the
complete and individual processes.

Process Analysis

Perform first workload analysis to determine the minimum throughput time, the critical path and the capacity, minimize the lead time and decide on your value and non-value-added processes.



Simulator of Polaris IMS

The Process Flow Simulator: Build and Run Simulations with Numerous Scenarios



Simulate, visualize and validate all manufacturing aspects in advance with the module Simulator (IMV). Test multiple ideas and configurations and find out the optimum cost –effective production scenarios. Import data from ERP and build instant simulation for your processes.

Visualize the impact of your decisions immediately on an animated processflow. Know the exact future and present industrial behaviors, recognize the max capacity and build your process and operator flow model. Simulation Models support you in optimizing internal value streams or external complex supply chains. 

Discrete Event

Strategic Decisions

Bottleneck Anticipation


Simulation Scenarios

Save time and costs with performing multiple production scenarios. Simulate, review, and
validate all aspects of production in advance.

Bottleneck Anticipation

Detect errors and bottlenecks early and
eliminate them quickly and efficiently
without risks. Reduce cost by ensuring
that the processes are done in the right
manner from the first time.

Animated Visualisation

Build and visualize your material and operator flow in an animated version.
Maximize production rate and enhance utilizing buffer, KANBAN strategies, logistics times and means of transport.


Simulator of Polaris IMS

The Supply Chain Simulator: Build and Run multiple Simulations for your Entire Production


Simulate, visualize and validate multiple manufacturing aspects with the module Simulator (IMV). Test multiple ideas and configurations and find the optimum cost-effective production scenarios from receiving the demand to delivering to the customer.

Link multiple production areas or locations to analyze the inter-dependency, divide simulation models according to responsibilities and separation in planning.

Visualize the impact of your decisions immediately on an animated processflow on your entire supply chain. Recognize the max capacity of your supply chain. Compare your simulation results and select the optimum solution.

Discrete Event

Strategic Decisions

Bottleneck Anticipation

Supply Chain Optimization



Strategic Decisions

Take fast well-founded risk-free strategic
decisions by virtual simulation of your operations.

Compare Simulation Scenarios

Fast and easy selection of different scenarios. Perform an overall analysis and supply chain simulation without creating a new model. Predict potential issues like bottlenecks,
inefficiencies very early.

Animated Visualisation

Visualize complex value chain systems and the behavior in a very easy way.



Control Center of Polaris IMS

The Line & Resource Balancer: Perform Automatic Intelligent Planning & Scheduling (APS+)



Let algorithms allocate activities to resources automatically. Perform Automatic Planning & Scheduling (APS+) and Operational Line Balancing with the module Control Center (IMC) for day-to-day planning in real-time.

Optimize your resource utilization by finding the best compromise between in-time delivery, set-up time and stock minimization even taking disruptions into account.


Line Balancing

Daily Schedule

Resource Optimization ​​


Automatic Planning

Build a schedule using automatic and intelligent algorithms to predict realistic delivery dates, have a faster response to changes or
disruptions, own complete visibility
to control your production.

Line Balancing

Anticipate and plan the needed capacities to match your demands. Reduce waste and
optimize the allocation of resources to get
the highest utilization of your critical skills.

Real-time Planning

Update schedules as often as needed with new data from ERP and real-time feedback from our shop floor Operator module (IMO).


Control Center of Polaris IMS

The Order Sequencer: Perform Sequencing Optimization


Optimize the sequence with regards to all production and supply restrictions and target a compromise between in-time delivery, minimum inventories and minimum set-up effort using the module Control Center (IMC).

Combine line balancing and sequencing optimization features in the Control Center to get the best results minimizing costs and avoiding bottlenecks.

Sequencing Optimization

Product Cost

Resource Optimization




Automated Sequencing Optimization

The sequence automatically regroups orders and finds the appropriate lot size to minimize the changeover times and inventories in line with the actual demand.

Inventory Optimization

The algorithm rearranges the orders to optimize the sequence creating ideal lot sizes achieving just in-time delivery with minimum inventories.

Set-up Cost Reduction

In parallel, the algorithm automatically optimizes according to ordering variants and sequence minimum set-up needs.


Operator of Polaris IMS

The Operator: Efficient Information Flow and Real-time Feedback from the Shop Floor


Provide the whole supply chain with scheduled and sequenced activity backlogs sharing process data, work plans, and documentation via the user’s interface in the module Operator (IMO).

Collect real-time operations progress, incidents and delays to contniously update your planning & scheduling input by using the browser touch-based user interface or IoT connectors.

Shop Floor Management

Information Flow & Andon


Real-time Progress

Real-time Feedback


Shop Floor Management

Communicate to any involved resource in
real-time latest execution planning & scheduling information and collect connected feedback.

Real-time Feedback

Record detailed information in context of the scheduled tasks like order completion, good
or bad parts, issues, etc.

Collect Operational Experience

Aggregate real-life experience in the context of your target plan to understand what went good or bad and learn what needs to be improved.


Analyzer of Polaris IMS

The Analyzer: Analyze your Production Data, Customize Reports, and Enhance your KPIs


Learn from continously comparing your target vs. actual performance with the module Analyzer (IMA)​​​​​. Identify critical improvement areas and take well-founded actions to close them.

With our Analyzer exchange format you can export the data to other tools of your choice, including Excel, Power BI, machine learning tools, and more. 

Data Analysis

Customized Reporting

Machine Learning

Learning & Improving



Machine Learning

Continuously learn to improve your global
delivery performance by comparing ideal
targets vs. real achievements.

Transparent Real-time KPIs

Create and update customized reports on
important KPIs to share transparent information throughout the supply chain in real-time.

Multi-data Source Integration

Integrate data from different sources to enrich the learning or reporting.