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Value Stream Management 4.0 – Worldwide. Transparent. Live.

Digital Value Stream Analysis and Value Stream Design with VSM 4.0

With Value Stream Modeler VSM 4.0 you bring your lean management into the age of digital transformation! VSM 4.0 is a collaborative value stream tool for lean management teams in the context of Industry 4.0. Mapping, design and validation of your value stream, planning of improvement actions digitally and thereby shorten the time for coordination within the company.

By digitizing your value stream, you can access it at any time and from anywhere - multidisciplinary and transparent. Information silos in the company are finally a thing of the past. Even complex value streams can be mapped and coordinated at different levels of detail or value stream sections, so that you can always keep an eye on everything - from the big picture to the details. As an individual app of the software app suite Predictive ERP, you can easily and conveniently integrate the value stream analysis software VSM 4.0 into your company.


Know what's going on:
Access your value streams from anywhere and at any time


The Value Stream Modeler VSM 4.0 is web- and cloud-based and can be used on the desktop in all common browsers as well as on all mobile devices - without complex installation.
Thanks to its responsive design, you can map your value streams both on large screens directly on the shop floor or on small smart devices such as tablets and edit them on the move if required. Your application data is managed in VSM 4.0 in a secure, scalable cloud platform, protected by up-to-date infrastructures for access and identity control.


  • Paperless modeling of value streams - save time and therefore resources
  • Access your value stream projects from any device, regardless of location and at any time
  • Fast, intuitive work on your value stream projects through touch-based input on all smart devices or as usual on the desktop with mouse and keyboard
  • Web-based, responsive browser application - no complex, local installation, new users can easily be added via a licensing model
  • Cloud-based architecture for easy connection to shop floor systems (e.g.: IIoT or MES)

Full transparency:
Measures with KAIZEN and KANBAN easy to track and evaluate


In terms of your Lean Management, the value stream anaylsis software VSM 4.0 allows you to continuously monitor the improvement measures implemented according to KAIZEN in your company or on the shop floor. Evaluate the measures taken using the integrated PDCA method and track the progress of the implementation of your measures at a glance using the KANBAN boards. 
Easily integrate all process participants in your company and thus promote teamwork to enable continuous improvement (CIP) of business-critical processes with full transparency.


  • Analyze and evaluate measures taken in real-time by combining KAIZEN and PDCA cycles
  • Track the status of the measures to be implemented through visualized KANBAN boards
  • Additional background information can be added directly to each value stream element, making it easily accessible to all

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Keeping the overview:
Mapping value chains or multilevel value streams


Easily combine sections of your value stream into a value chain. The value stream analysis software VSM 4.0 considers the dependencies of these subsections of your value stream based on the data stored in the system. In addition, you can group sub-processes to obtain a better overview without losing the level of detail.
This way, you can identify correlations in a targeted manner, work out the right starting point for changes, or provide concrete feedback on optimization proposals for critical production steps.


  • Mapping of value chains at different levels of detail
  • Navigating through hierarchical value streams
  • Exploiting the optimization potential of value chains
  • Cascading the improvement measures in a global context

Efficient working:
Simple data acquisition and targeted addition of value stream components


To ensure that you always have all the important data for the respective value stream component "at hand", you can attach additional information to each value stream component drawn and enter further input parameters - simply via the dialog mask. 
The most important KPIs can be read directly from the value stream and value stream components can be extended with data boxes that are specially designed for touch screen devices, e.g. in the shop floor. 
Save time during data processing, too: In the value stream tool, table views can be filtered, copied, and pasted or exported to Excel, so that you can quickly enter or edit your data.


  • Important information is directly available, by attaching additional documents or links directly in the value stream or through additional data boxes on the value stream component
  • Greater efficiency through simplified and fast capture of information in the value stream
  • Work comfortably by influencing properties in table views
  • Export properties to Excel documents for further processing
  • Individual adaptations of the (symbol) design to your needs are possible on request

Value stream analysis thanks to formula system:
Calculate, validate, and visualize your key figures


Digitally compare your current and future value stream version using key figures, validate different value stream scenarios, or visualize the effects of measures taken. 
Calculate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the formula system during the value stream analysis using existing or individually stored formulas. Let VSM 4.0 visualize your analysis data (e.g. key figure comparison) or prepare progress or progress reports and see immediately what the current status is.


  • Calculation of key performance indicators by the aid of a formula system
  • Validation of input data and output values
  • Numerical and graphical comparison of key figures
  • Current reports on status, changes, and progress of measures

Versioning of your value stream data:
Tracking changes to the value stream


Any change to a value stream is ensured by versioning. Input or output values can be observed over time. To ensure that all your recorded data is available in full and that the corresponding process documentation is guaranteed, it is possible to record revision levels completely via the version history on request.


  • Each value stream is versioned and available as revision
  • Your changes to the value stream are recorded and documented
  • Previous changes to the value stream can be viewed in the history