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Value Stream Mapping Tool for Lean Management and Process Improvement in Times of Digital Transformation

Bring your lean management into the age of digital transformation with the Value Stream Modeler Polaris VSM. Polaris VSM is a collaborative value stream tool for lean and process improvement teams.

Mapping, designing, validating your value stream, planning improvement actions digitally, and shortening the time for coordination within the company.

Access your value stream map by digitizing it anytime and anywhere multidisciplinary and transparently. Share information effectively and freely within teams. Complex value streams can be mapped and coordinated at different levels of detail or value stream sections to keep an eye on the big picture and the details.

As a web and cloud-based solution, integrate Polaris VSM quickly and conveniently into your organization.



Perform advanced planning & scheduling to optimize resource utilization. Use Line Balancing in your daily planning to enhance the sequence via multi-criteria optimization. Control Center Construct your digital production by building the PPR model (Products, Processes, and Resources). Increase your understanding and transparency by creating a digital twin of your production. Designer Anticipate bottlenecks and compare different production scenarios to improve your value chain. Simulate your whole production in advance by generating network plans. Simulator Continuously improve your processes by analyzing the data and key figures from the other modules. Evaluate management-relevant data and save time with predefined reports. Analyzer Increase the performance of your production by integrating all the teams into the value creation process. Control your production efficiency through feedback from the shop floor in real-time. Operator Map and design your value stream easily. Collaborate with your team regardless of place, engage with the processes, calculate KPIs in real-time, and map your value stream digitally instead brown paper mapping. Polaris VSM With BSM you model your business processes collaboratively and independent of location. You represent your processes in a swimlane diagram. You compare calculated indicators with each other and enjoy full flexibility in process modeling. Polaris BSM




Polaris VSM

Access your Value Streams from Anywhere and at Any Time


Polaris VSM is a web- and cloud-based software and can be used on desktops and laptops in all common browsers and on all mobile devices - without complex installation.

Map your value streams on large screens directly on the shop floor or on small smart devices such as tablets and edit them on the move if required because of its responsive design.

The application data is managed in Polaris VSM in a secure, scalable cloud platform, protected by up-to-date infrastructures for access and identity control.




Process Mapping

Digital Value Stream


Digital Value Stream

Paperless modeling of value stream mapping. New users can be easily added via a licensing model. Touch-based input on smart devices or laptops with mouse and keyboard.

Cloud- & Web-based

Cloud and web-based and responsive browser application with no complex and local installation. Access your value stream projects from any device,
regardless of location, and at any time. Cloud-based architecture for easy connection to shop floor systems.


Polaris VSM

Mapping Value Streams and Supply Chain via Multilevel Value Streams


Combine sections of your value stream into a value chain. The value stream analysis software of Polaris VSM considers the dependencies of these subsections of your value stream based on the data stored in the system. In addition, you can group sub-processes to obtain a better overview without losing the level of detail.

Identify targeted correlations, work out the right starting point for changes, and provide concrete feedback on optimization proposals for critical production steps.

Supply Chain Mapping

Logistics Mapping


Value Stream Mapping

Hierarchy Mapping


Value Stream Mapping

Use different types of process to map and analyse the map.
Use different types of icons to efficiently visualize the process map.

Supply Chain Mapping

Map your full supply chain using the hierarchy model.
Show each entity in your value stream.


Polaris VSM

Track and Evaluate easily with KAIZEN and KANBAN Methods


Continuously monitor the improvement measures implemented with KAIZEN in your organization or on the shop floor. Evaluate the actions taken using the integrated PDCA method and track the progress of implementing of your measures immediately using the KANBAN boards. 

Easily integrate all process participants in your organization and promote teamwork to enable continuous improvement of business-critical processes with complete transparency.




Continuous Improvement




Improve your processes with specific goal in mind. Manage and improve work across your system by tracking and assigning actions to your team.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

Investigate and try multiple solutions on a controlled scale environment.


Polaris VMS

Calculate, Validate, and Visualize your Key Figures with the Formula System


Compare your current and future value stream version digitally using key figures, validate different value stream scenarios, or visualize the effects of measures taken. 

Calculate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the formula system during the value stream analysis using existing or individually stored formulas. Visualize your analysis, prepare progress reports and see immediately what the current status is.




Formula System

Comparison Analysis


KPI Calculation

Calculate the main KPIs using built-in formulas efficiently.
Know the logic behind the calculation with the formulation sheet.

KPI Visualization

Visualize the KPIs ( lead time, cycle time.. etc) using the Yamzumi and the timeline.


Polaris VSM

Simple Data Acquisition and Targeted Addition of Value Stream Components


Attach additional information to each value stream component drawn and enter further input parameters via the dialog mask to have all the essential data for the respective value stream component "at hand".

Read the most important KPIs directly from the value stream and extend value stream components with data boxes specially designed for touch screen devices.

Save time during data processing. Quickly enter and edit your data in Polaris VSM. Table views can be filtered, copied, pasted, or exported to other platforms such as Excel, Power BI… etc.

Data Analysis



Export Function

Report Customization


Parameters & Attribute

Use different parameters to calculate your main KPIs.
Check the logic behind your calculation.

Data Analysis & Report Customization

Customize reports using calculated KPIs. Export the data to other analyzing platforms such as Excel and Power BI.


Polaris VSM

Versioning of your Value Stream Data: Tracking Changes to the Value Stream


Secure all changes to value streams by versioning.

Input or output values can be observed over time to ensure that all your recorded data is available and that the corresponding process documentation is guaranteed. It is possible to record revision levels on request via the version history.

Software Versioning

Continuous Improvement



New Features



Record and document your changes to the value stream.
View previous changes to the value stream in the history.

Value Streams Comparison & Customization

Compare your value stream versions. Achieve your to be status by comparing your value streams in order to identify the potential for improvement.