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Value Stream Mapping - The quick and easy value stream recording

Capture the existing value stream as a current state with mobile touch devices on the shop floor or through group work in Lean workshops. For your digital sketches you have all the required value icons available. You are immediately able to identify the value added shares of your product development processes.


  • Digital sketch of existing value streams
  • Quick process description of the actual state
  • Define added value from a customer perspective
  • Discover wastes in production processes

Identify waste with the Value Stream Analysis

Create the necessary transparency in your material and information flow and identify all non-value-added processes and their root causes. Reduce the waste and thus the product development and production costs.


  • Track dwell or waiting times in value stream map
  • Application and evaluation of Lean principles to the digital model
  • Develop optimization capability for the current production situation
  • Comparison of different scenarios and validation the results

Value Stream - Making the optimum of the value stream

Design the optimum flow ratio by control of value-adding processes and eliminate waste. Your strong levers: the best guarantee of innovation is the creativity of your employees!


  • Designing the target state: an improved, customer-oriented value stream
  • Creating an efficient, continuous flow of the considered product variants
  • Creative, innovative optimization on future digital model (future state)
  • Continuous improvement and establishing of operational excellence

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Increased process quality through digital validation of Value Stream

With the value stream method you identify optimization potentials within a business process quickly and easily.

With the VSM (Value Stream Modeler) you perform all steps of the value stream method by digital. This includes within the comprehensive analysis of the product spectrum and the existing material and information flows, the identification for improvements and the subsequent optimization in terms of lean production. With regular use, a loop of continuous improvement arises.

Capture and modeling of Value Streams - mobile and digital

Current state of value streams are recorded directly in production quickly and easily with mobile touch devices. The value stream is displayed graphically and supplemented with information from interviews and data from the production system. This works just like on paper, with the difference that indicators calculated directly and alternatives are without much effort. Through digital value stream modeling you reduce delivery and processing times and eliminate waste.

Perfecting production processes of manufacturing performance

The Value Stream Modeler (VSM) can be used without much effort. Any kind of information and material flows are optimized for a discrete manufacturing among each production sections, improved cross-plant processes and supply chains - be it manufacturing, support, supplier or delivery processes. Through given indicators, the most effective measures for improvement are filtered out, while minimizing non-value-adding activities and unnecessary waiting times.

Best to make of service business processes

The Value Stream Modeler for Engineering (VSM4E) is a simplified way of looking at value streams of service delivery and their value-adding. Any kind of information flow and document flow to improve operational or administrative activities - like manufacturing, support, supplier or delivery processes. Here too, you are able to develop the most effective improvement measures by selecting key indicators and thus to eliminate non-value-adding activities and unnecessary waiting times.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexibility through paperless modeling (easy change and data Exchange)
  • Value streams are digitally created on a Tablet PC or touchscreen
  • Faster and easier exchange and processing of business data
  • Convenient modeling of the target value stream map in the workplace
  • Scheduled and dynamic view of customer-centered value streams
  • Generate in a few steps models for the material and information flow
  • Comparison of planning alternatives and identify the most effective measures
  • Clear transparency and uniform symbols