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24 May 2024 /VSM Best Pratices

VSM to BSM: A New Era of Process Optimization

The time has come to unlock synergy by merging Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Business Process Mapping (BPMN). We are uniting forces to create a holistic view of end-to-end business processes, weaving together the threads of material and information flow-driven processes into a single, powerful tapestry!

Why Combine?

When we analyze these processes separately, using distinct methods and tools, we inadvertently leave gaps in optimization. But fear not! By integrating the strengths of both VSM and BPMN, we can bridge those gaps and supercharge our insights.

Advantages of VSM:

The VSM method has been a trusty companion for years, especially when analyzing administrative processes. However, the material flow-driven context sometimes felt like assembling a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded. Now, enter the Business Stream Mapping (BSM) method! It allows us to focus on information flow-driven processes while still reaping the benefits of VSM.

BSM Unleashed:

Compared to VSM, BSM opens up exciting new avenues for analysis:

  • Process Automation Level: Gauge how automated your processes are.
  • Digital Continuity Level: Assess the seamless flow of digital information.

By combining VSM and BPMN, we not only maintain the strengths of both approaches but also enhance our ability to optimize and streamline processes. This integration offers a more comprehensive understanding of how material and information flows intertwine, leading to more informed decision-making and improved efficiency.

Join us in this new era of process optimization and discover the powerful synergy of VSM and BSM. Let's bridge the gaps and take our insights to the next level!

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