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Progress by forecast - take the right decisions from the very beginning

Optimize your production and business processes with accurate forecasts

Producing companies are confronting growing challenges with respect to increasing product diversity, shorter delivery times, and flexibility with consistent and, in fact, better quality. As an international consulting company and software specialist in the Industry 4.0 environment, we are developing highly flexible and secure online solutions for the most diverse applications. With the deployment of Predictive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), you can predict possible event scenarios today itself, as well as take planned measures and, in the process, adapt your production and business processes predictively.

Predictive analytics forecast models enable future-oriented decisions. By simulating scenarios in which even complex influences are taken into consideration, future developments can be forecast and presented.

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Bottleneck analysis with dynamic simulation

Use dynamic simulation to analyze and improve your production processes even prior to commencing production.

You can check operative strategies for efficiency and compare various planning alternatives.

The virtually safeguarded results permit well-founded and economically meaningful investment decisions to be made.


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Long-term workload optimization & sequenze planning with APS

Achieve transparency, increase productivity and lower your costs by having a predictive and comprehensive view of your processes.

With the help of material flow and resource models combined with statistically obtained demand and throughput parameters, you can predict both recurrent and basic changes and implement anticipatory measures.


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Operational workload optimization with Line Balancing

New production technologies as well as shorter innovation cycles require faster planning results and systems, which can adapt themselves in a flexible manner to new product and production environments.

In order that you continue to remain competitive despite the increasingly faster changing market conditions, we support you with our models on medium-term simulation of optimization scenarios.


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Resource Optimization on the Shop Floor

Resource simulation models identify plan deviations in advance and undertake plan adjustments automatically.

With the help of line balancing in day-to-day and long-term planning, you can utilize your production lines optimally and respond to fluctuations at short notice as well as enhance the resource utilization. In the process, you avoid waste, enhance your share of value addition and your response capability.

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Predictive ERP -
the intelligent, virtual Enterprise Resource Simulation

For an efficient design of business processes

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Predictive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - the add-on for ERP systems makes your data usable profitably. Make your decisions with the help of accurate forecasts in real-time and execute the necessary actions automatically, starting from a goal defined in advance. The results of these real-time decisions are integrated by the system automatically and independently in intelligent, operative processes for continuous process optimization. By proactive identification and resolution of unexpected faults or disruptions, your business processes are optimized and as a result, designed significantly more efficiently, for example, for demand planning, maintenance, supervision, or pricing.

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VSM 4.0 -
Digital Value Stream Modeler

Fast & effective acquisition of value streams in the production. Value stream method for getting a feel!

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With the value stream tool VSM 4.0 developed especially for tablet applications, value streams are acquired quickly and easily in the production directly with the help of mobile touch-screen devices. You can read off the automatically calculated key figures immediately. Processes and material flows as well as defects and weak points identified are documented. Target value streams are created directly on touch-screen devices. The value stream software enables direct comparison and simulation of different value streams, and you can use existing planning data in doing so.
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iFAKT Mixed Reality

Visualization of 3D data by gesture control.
In this case, the body becomes the mouse.


With the help of our patented application iMiRA (iFAKT Mixed Reality), we have developed a system for the factory of the future, which allows ideas from the real world to be mapped virtually, and enables paperless and interactive working. With iMiRA, 3D construction data can be visualized and controlled with gestures directly in production halls. The production employee points to a component and the matching 3D geometry is displayed on a mobile device. The employee can hide, highlight or display additional information about components.

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