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Process and resource optimization in the digital factory

Analyze, plan and control your manufacturing and supply chain processes in real-time






Predictive ERP - Intelligent Enterprise Operations Management App-Suite

For an efficient design of processes



Predictive ERP -
The add-on for ERP systems makes your data usable profitably

  • The Predictive ERP app-suite is designed to take your decisions with the help of accurate forecasts in real-time.
  • Starting from a goal defined in advance, execute the necessary actions automatically.
  • Simulate, optimize, and control end-to-end supply chain processes and minimize costs and delays.
  • Design optimized delivery processes, receive progress updates, direct continuous feedbacks from manufacturing and the shop floor, and perform comprehensive data analysis.
  • Predictive ERP consists of several modules that can be tailored according to your company's needs to achieve the best process optimization.
  • Predictive ERP helps you ensure continuous improvement in your digital factory.

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Digital Value Stream Modeler VSM 4.0

Fast & effective mapping of value streams


VSM 4.0 -
Digital value stream analysis and value stream design with VSM 4.0

  • The digital Value Stream Moder VSM 4.0 is a cloud- and web-based software for value stream management.
    VSM 4.0 is specially developed for touchscreen devices and PCs.
  • With the value stream tool VSM 4.0, access your value streams in real-time from any web-compatible device. Whether on the shop floor, at home, or on the road, there will be no limits to your collaborative work.
  •  Read off the automatically calculated key figures, identity, visualize, and document processes, material flows, defects, and weak points.  
  • Compare and simulate your value streams using existing planning data.

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