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For an efficient process design as well as fast and effective value stream mapping

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How to identify bottlenecks and problems' root causes? Do you consider all factors in operational planning? Do you initiate continuous improvements to save costs? You often find yourself consumed by daily operations and not focusing on the big picture and long-term strategy?


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For more information about the software move the mouse over the module circle or click on a module! Perform advanced planning & scheduling to optimize resource utilization. Use Line Balancing in your daily planning to enhance the sequence via multi-criteria optimization. Control Center Construct your digital production by building the PPR model (Products, Processes, and Resources). Increase your understanding and transparency by creating a digital twin of your production. Designer Anticipate bottlenecks and compare different production scenarios to improve your value chain. Simulate your whole production in advance by generating network plans. Simulator Continuously improve your processes by analyzing the data and key figures from the other modules. Evaluate management- relevant data and save time with predefined reports. Analyzer Increase the performance of your production by integrating all the teams into the value creation process. Control your production efficiency through feedback from the shop floor in real-time. Operator Map and design your value stream easily. Collaborate with your team regardless of place, engage with the processes, calculate KPIs in real-time, and map your value stream digitally instead of brown paper mapping. Polaris VSM

What would you say if you had a co-driver that helps you in your daily operations? Enables you to enhance your stressful work life by finding the root causes of your problems, and allow you to take your way of working to the next level by inspiring new techniques to increase efficiency? 

With Polaris IMS, you'll be able to understand the big picture, back-up strategic decisions with data, plan with confidence, and challenge your current situation. 


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