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18 Aug 2020 /Polaris IMS

White Paper: How Predictive ERP can help to master complex process chains in medical therapies

There are still many incurable diseases that can only be treated or cured with limited success with the available drugs. However, innovative therapies - which include cell and gene therapy - enable patients to recover more quickly or even be cured. However, the processes behind these therapies are extremely complex.

A seamless process chain plays a fundamental role here. In order to achieve this, complex manufacturing processes and quality controls must be properly interlocked depending on the available resources (from the starting material to the patient). However, this makes the coordination and management of this process much more difficult. Legal and regulatory requirements, inefficiency, and rigid and risk-laden process chains lead to bottlenecks in the provision of medicines.
In short: It is not all that simple!

With Predictive ERP, however, we are able to precisely master such complex processes:
Here, the Predictive ERP App-Suite serves as a project management platform for development and manufacturing teams and offers the possibility to make such process chains more efficient, to identify resource bottlenecks in advance, and to resolve resource conflicts.

Together with our project partner Dr. Thomas Appl, Managing Director of cellerata GmbH, we present our joint project and the associated challenges and solution approaches in this white paper.

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Cloud Illustration :  (c) Vicky Peucker