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17 Mar 2023 /Industry 4.0, Polaris VSM

VSM Mining - create value stream maps from IIoT data instead of manual collection

In order to reduce or eliminate waste throughout production, one question is critical: Where exactly does waste occur? This question can only be answered if the appropriate data is available.

Machines in a production facility not only produce specific products, they also provide data. This data can be used to answer the above question and identify potential savings.

In most cases, however, the information from machines is not used because it appears incomprehensible and incoherent without processing. Visualization in the context of digital value stream mapping provides a clear and understandable indication of where exactly waste occurs in production, i.e. where resources are consumed for non-value-added activities.

We make this possible with IIoT (= Industrial Internet of Things) and use this technology to read data from machines. In our value stream tool Polaris VSM, data from machines can be read in and processed. With Polaris VSM as a methodical visualization, you can better understand and analyze your machine data. With this knowledge, you can take concrete steps to reduce waste and make your production lean.

The combination of IIoT and classic value stream mapping can be summed up in three words: up-to-date, transparent and understandable.

Are you interested in learning more about VSM Mining? Then please feel free to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!