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23 Oct 2023 /Events

The launch of Polaris BSM!

Dare to jump and learn to swim!

With Polaris BSM you can draw your own paths and both model and analyze flowing processes. With this extension, Polaris now offers both material flow (VSM module) and business process analysis (BSM module).

Integrate improvement potentials into your process analysis and climb to the next optimization level with leaner processes. With various visualization options, you always maintain an overview.

With the modeling concept of pools and lanes, you group your process steps as activities in the course and enjoy full flexibility in process modeling. Enrich your modeled business processes with additional information and have everything important at a glance.

The most important Polaris BSM functions at a glance:

  • Group process steps as activities in the process with the modeling concept of pools and lanes.
  • Additional descriptive characteristics, for example activity markers, task types or data objects
  • Compare calculated key figures with each other
  • Freely selectable markers and categories to classify, catalog and label building blocks of business processes according to business strategies
  • Coloring of elements in different colors, for a clear representation in the Swimlane diagram
  • Free choice of input values for the calculation

With Polaris BSM you can streamline your business processes and make them more efficient! In the new BSM module, the approaches of LEAN management meet the symbolism of BPMN. Included is a well thought-out combination of approaches from both methods.

Have we aroused your interest? Then contact our Sales Department at +49 173 24699 24 for further information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!