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6 Jan 2019 /Industry 4.0

iFAKT presents VSM 4.0, the innovative, digital value stream application

More than ever before, companies today are forced to continually develop their production structures and logistical processes in order to maintain their competitiveness in global competition in view of increasing demands. The willingness to undergo digital transformation is decisive today as far as the success and failure of a company is concerned. Management of the digital value stream of manufacturing companies within the context of Industry 4.0, in particular, is increasingly becoming a distinguishing factor within the competition.

With the new VSM 4.0 value stream application, iFAKT GmbH offers the ideal digital solution so you can remain one step ahead of the competition and not only to meet the customers' expectations, but exceed them.

The new VSM 4.0 Value Stream Modeler software application is a digital and collaborative working environment for lean management teams in the era of Industry 4.0 and provides manufacturing companies with an enormous added value for factory planning and the optimization of the production process by digitizing the value stream.

With the aid of the VSM 4.0 application from iFAKT GmbH, it is now possible to perform value stream analysis and create a value stream design digitally and access it from anywhere - horizontally across departments and with full transparency. Information silos are now a thing of the past.

The advantages of the VSM 4.0 digital value stream analysis software at a glance:

  • Digital Value Stream Analysis and Value Stream Design - Full flexibility through the use of paperless modeling
  • A visualized and systematically guided optimization of the production process
  • A networked performance measurement system and the processing of ACTUAL and TARGET states
  • Innovative user interfaces and easy connection to shop floor systems
  • (E.g.: IIoT or MES)
  • Possibility of integrating own formulas via the formula editor
  • Project and value stream overviews as well as graphically processed evaluations provide a quick overview
  • Comparison between various value stream revision levels
  • Easy integration of all process participants - from management to lean experts and shop floor employees
  • Creating transparency with regard to production processes - whether implemented measures work is immediately apparent
  • Due to the interactive design, the app can be used from anywhere and controlled directly in production by means of multi-touch devices

As a consulting and software company with numerous industrial customers, we understand the needs of the manufacturing companies and create significant added value for the optimization work in production, completely along the lines of lean management.

Detailed information on the VSM 4.0 Value Stream Modeler and its features can be found in our brochure: Download VSM 4.0 brochure now


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