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21 Dec 2023 /Polaris VSM

Further increase efficiency: Discover the Polaris VSM variant matrix in our webinar! 

New year, new opportunities, and more efficiency! We'll show you how to tackle your New Year's resolutions. We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar! The topic will be the new powerful feature of Polaris VSM: the Variant Matrix. Join us live and learn how this innovative feature set can significantly speed up the management and analysis of product variants within your production processes. 

What is the Polaris VSM Variant Matrix? 

The Polaris VSM Variant Matrix is a function for more convenient management of product variants within your production landscape. It allows you to list all variants associated with a single product and provides a user-friendly interface for data from upstream product families. 

Why the variant matrix is important for value stream mapping: Simplifying complexity. 

The essence of value stream mapping lies in its ability to simplify complicated production processes and navigate the overlapping material flows within a factory. The variant matrix is a key component that allows users to focus on the significant variants that warrant further value stream mapping. 

This targeted focus allows for a more detailed examination of specific production nuances and helps tailor optimization strategies to the unique characteristics of each product family. 

Benefits of Product Family Creation in Polaris VSM: Automated Mapping and ABC Analysis. 

Creating product families in Polaris VSM brings a variety of benefits to your production planning and analysis. Here are the reasons why this is a decisive advantage: 

Automated assignment: when you assign different product variants to processes, Polaris VSM automatically assigns the entire production volume with many product variants and quantities per year to the respective product families. 

Efficient variant identification with ABC analysis: The variant matrix also offers the option of performing ABC analyses effortlessly. Regardless of whether you want to analyze all your variants together or focus on specific product families, the ABC analysis is automatically generated from your data within the matrix. 

Register now for February 6 

Date: February, 6  
Time: 5 pm 

In this webinar, our experts will guide you through the practical features of Polaris VSM Variant Matrix. Learn how you can leverage the power of the matrix to streamline your production planning, simplify analysis and optimize efficiency. 

Join us and let's drive the efficiency and success of your production processes together. 

See you at the webinar!