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 The virtual reality tool for your production

iMiRA - Display 3D data in real space



With the help of the Mixed Reality app, you can observe your virtual 3D data in the real space

The body becomes the mouse here.

With the iFAKT Mixed Reality app (iMiRA), you can control your 3D data (e.g. CAD, Standard 3D Viewer) intuitively and without a mouse. For this purpose, all you have to use is your posture and gestures in order to navigate through the view.

Touch-free control of machines and devices

The touch-free control of software, devices and machines using hand gestures and body movements offers a wide range of development and deployment potential across and beyond all industries and fields of technology: e.g. in machine building, aerospace, safety equipment, utility vehicle industry, automobile construction, ship building or rail vehicle construction or medical technology.

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Digital information navigation by gesture control

So far, printed 2D drawings were used in production for installing parts and in quality control. iMiRA visualizes location-related 3D construction data in production, enables paperless and interactive working and replaces the work with complex plans on paper, is portable, cost-effective, ready for use in minutes and easy to operate. Current CAD or View solutions are used without conversion to real time. Standard processes become faster and the quality of installation and maintenance is enhanced. This results in shorter throughput times and reduces costs.

iMiRA in the shop floor

In the shop floor, the production employees usually do not work with computers – iMiRA enables free-hand working and links the virtual world with the real 3D world. The 3D data is always updated and available quickly, and thus, it can be used immediately and in a flexible manner. Late amendments or modifications are also taken into consideration in the assembly. Response times are thus shortened, errors or faults are identified immediately and rectified directly in the production. This saves enormous consequential costs of errors and faults.

Benefits of management control in the industrial environment

  • Marker-free gesture recording & localization
  • Low system integration costs
  • Intuitive control options
  • "Hands-free" operation
  • Can be used for all digitally controlled applications