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9 Jul 2020 /Industry 4.0

Predictive ERP now available on Microsoft AppSource! 

Since late 2019, iFAKT has provided its Predictive ERP app suite through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and now iFAKT is taking the next step. Today iFAKT announced the availability of Predictive ERP on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

iFAKT is an SMB software provider specialized in providing Industry 4.0 technologies to simulate, optimize, and manage end-to-end supply chain processes, aiming to minimize cost and delays. Predictive ERP is an Industry 4.0 solution using complex algorithms to anticipate disruption impacts, (e.g., bottlenecks, missing parts, quality issues) and to globally optimize and manage all activities to reach committed targets.

Predictive ERP can be run as a stand-alone app or as an add-on to an ERP system to perform constraint model planning. This app suite consists of several integrated modules that enable the simulation and optimization of business and manufacturing processes. With the modules, you can design optimized delivery processes, get a direct progress feedback collection from the shop floor, or perform big data analytics.

Predictive ERP includes the following modules:

The basic module IMDesigner (IMD) offers fast methodical support for product analysis, resource planning and simulation, manufacturing documentation, and other stages of planning. Set up a detailed and digital factory model for your production planning quickly and easily.

In the IMValidation (IMV) module, you can simulate, visualize, and validate all aspects of production in advance. You can check, analyze, and optimize your production and logistics systems even before commencing production, identifying and resolving errors and bottlenecks.

The IMController (IMC) module allows you to perform advanced planning and scheduling along with operational line balancing in day-to-day planning. Optimize your detailed planning with short-term simulations based on current order information so you can nimbly react to fluctuations.

In the IMOperator (IMO) module, you can provide your production staff with process data, workplans, and documentation via tablet. You can increase performance with precise scheduling of production processes, permanent transparency, and optimal capacity utilization.

Lastly, the IMAnalyzer (IMA) module enables you to check your production weak points and analyze your value stream, evaluating all data flowing into Predictive ERP.

“After providing the SaaS solution Predictive ERP through an own hosting environment, with Microsoft AppSource we are now able to offer worldwide access and unlimited scalability,” said Lars Schubert, Managing Director and Co-Founder of iFAKT. “Predictive ERP is based on a complex simulation and optimization Industry 4.0 algorithm for intelligent enterprise operations. Using Azure cloud services enables a step change for better collaboration, access, and computation scalability for our customers using Predictive ERP to optimize their delivery processes.

Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, AppSource Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. said, “Through Microsoft AppSource, customers around the world can easily find tailored line-of-business solutions from our partners that work with the products they already use. We’re pleased to welcome Predictive ERP from iFAKT to the growing AppSource ecosystem.”

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iFAKT GmbH is an independent consulting company and software specialist in the field of Industry 4.0. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, iFAKT GmbH supports customers in the planning of production and logistics processes, optimizing resource utilization and improving business processes. iFAKT GmbH has been a Microsoft partner for many years and is a gold-certified Microsoft partner. iFAKT GmbH's customers include well-known automotive and aerospace companies, as well as mechanical engineering and medical technology companies. iFAKT GmbH advises large original equipment manufacturers in addition to small and medium-sized companies.